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Your Alpaca Walk and Animal Experience


Walk the Alpacas

We will give you an introduction into the wonderful world of alpacas. You will discover all about them, including where they originated from, what they are bred for and all about their characteristics.
Then we will tell you about our individual alpacas and pair you up with your alpaca to walk.


Meet the sheep

After your alpaca trek, you will have the chance to meet and feed all of our sheep. We have four different breeds to tell you all about. Including two rare breeds including Steve our beautiful Valais Blacknose and our Balwens too.
If your very lucky you might even get to meet the lambs. (They are usually born In March).


Feed the Chickens

Come and meet "The girls" and our cockerel Vardy. 
We have some very cuddly chickens and they are always happy to spend some time with our guests.
You can even see if you can lull them to sleep in your arms. 
Did you know that Chickens can purr?

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